A kids shop for kids...

The Unschool is halfway between a playground and a kids shop.  Everything's for sale but we encourage kids to 'just play'.

With plans for a companion online store in the works The Unschool is currently stall number 313 at the:

Castlemaine Bazaar -  9 Walker St,  Castlemaine

Unschooling isn’t a term you hear often.  It’s a term for a movement of home-schooling that’s based predominantly in the U.S.

It isn’t hard to work out what it means though, ‘not schooling’.  Unschoolers don’t teach a curriculum, or follow many of the typical methods used by education systems worldwide.  In fact there is so little restriction in the unschooling method that describing what it is can be difficult.

Essentially it’s an approach to education that values adults and children equally.  The focus is on living rich and stimulating lives together, filled with opportunities, possibilities and experiences.  Not that the adult doesn’t take responsibility for the child’s learning, they just do it in a bit of a different way, often letting the child discover things for themselves.

We are unschoolers.  Our daughter Olive is only 4 but she enjoys the benefits of an unschooled life.  So The Unschool is a bit of a different experience for kids, they can touch things.   They can experiment and see where their interests take them.  In our house we call this a ‘Yes Space’ or ‘strewing’.

If you’d like to know more about Unschooling then head over to Sandra Dodd’s website ( or have a listen to Pam Laricchia’s podcast,  Living Joyfully with Unschooling.