What do you grow?

That's probably the main question we are asked when we tell people we've started a farm.  The answer can be difficult though, as we aren't exactly doing things by the book.  Our journey to owning a farm was unusual, from fashion and filmmaking in the big smoke out to a lonely block in Campbelltown, Victoria.  Now I guess our farm is a bit unusual too.  

You'll see on this site that we do a whole range of things out here.  We make, grow, film, forage, photograph, recycle and reclaim things.  I call it a 'modern homestead'.  Growing food with traditional methods while occasionally checking Instagram or foraging native timber to make cute children's toys we found on Pinterest.  Haha.  To be honest we really don't know what we're doing. We just find ourselves inspired to keep exploring this country life and put love and time into growing things that make us happy.