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What do you grow?

This is usually the first thing we are asked when we tell people we have a farm.  The answer can be difficult though, as we aren't exactly doing things by the book.  Our journey to owning a farm was unusual, from fashion and filmmaking in the big smoke out to a lonely block in Campbelltown, Victoria.  Now I guess our farm is a bit unusual too.  

You'll see on this site that we do a whole range of things here.  We make, grow, film, forage, cook, photograph, recycle and reclaim things.  Kind of a 'modern homestead'.  Growing food with traditional methods while occasionally checking Instagram or foraging native timber to make cute children's toys we found on Pinterest.  Haha.  

To be honest we really don't know what we're doing. We just find ourselves inspired to keep exploring this country life and put love and time into growing things that make us happy.


Learning through living

We have a kid, her name is Olive. She's really great.  She doesn't go to school.  

She learns through experiences and we help create them.  The Unschool is our way of sharing these experiences with everyone else.

Made by Friends

Most of the stuff on this online store is made by our good friends.  

It seems like whatever you get into someone else is already doing it better than you ever could.  In this case it's our friends so we figured we would just sell their stuff   :)

For the past 3 Years we have made videos as a way to learn and share...




"Hey Pri what should i put on the website?"

"I dunno I never go on websites any more."

Just Pinterest and Instagram.